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Aarogyaa is associated with Wellness Industry, always put efforts to bring new in the market . Sanitary Napkin is popular in the world, enabling women to have Top-Quality life with health,happiness, beauty and wealth.

Presently we are dealing in wings type for Domestic use and Normal & Imported Ultra-thin Premium , Soft Cotton Imported Premium Sanitary Napkin With silk-thin soft cotton surface layer & Disposable Panties , Towels, slippers  etc, it is comfortable, sanitary, absorbent and breathable with various sizes & Super & Moderate Liquid absorbency ,helps in Enhancing Immunity, Anti inflammation, Anti Bacteria, Improving secretion, Easing Pressure ,Eliminating Fatigue, Eliminating Odor & Promoting Metabolism. In addition, it has professionally designed flow layer, and gynecologic diseases, adjusting blood circulation, enhancing immunity, sterilizing and eliminating odor. Ultra-thin design as well as powerful water absorption and water locking make her feel more comfortable and refreshed.